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On Saturday June 8th , 1997 the new Link Communications Inc, RLC-CLUB controller was installed at the DDXA site atop Mount Penn.
The installation went smoothly , but other problems were discoverd.
Mostly due to Tim KA3PLC these problems were rectified with his knowledge and nimble fingers. Here's what the setup in the cabinet looks like:

Thanks to the following members :

KA3PLC - Tim - Major Help Technically
N3VMT - Bill - Minor Programmer and Fixer of phone patch

KA3DSX - Randy - for forgetting keys and the High work
N3SYT - Kevin - another man with his head in the clouds
N3NQS - Greg - refreshment commitee and ground crew
KA3PVA - Bill - running and ground crew
WY3T - Joe - For being his slave-driving self and co-ordinator

Thanks to all. Your efforts were GREATLY APPRECIATED.

The DDXA Repeater Committee
Updated on Friday, June 13, 1997 2:37:18 PM